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These are just a few photos of progress made along the way of either the restaurant space or the menu testing. 

Thank you for following along.



salmon on whiskey-soaked cedar plank.

sweet whiskey glaze

wild rice. roasted carrots. 

[dinner plates menu in dining room]

Lounge + Patio menus

Dinner will be served only in the 54-seat dining room. 
fuchsia leather menus are for every other area of the restaurant and contain the charcuterie & bar menus inside. 


four cheese pimento

our signature pimento cheese.

served with wonton strips

[first course menu in dining room]

The Mary Ellen Lounge

Opening an hour before dinner service, you'll be able to enjoy cocktails + charcuterie in this eclectic lounge facing South Street with an overhead door & leather sofas & club chairs


shrimp + roasted scratch grits

pineapple sausage. argentine red shrimp. roasted red pepper cream sauce. roasted, pureed scratch grits 

[dinner plates menu in dining room]

**this is a test plate. Larger shrimp & sausage will be used**

braised short rib

beef. red wine, sautéed onion + garlic reduction

curry mashed potatoes, bourbon bacon brussels

braised short rib.HEIC
the fire table on the terrace.HEIC

the terrace

furnished with 2 sofas, a fire table, a double-tiered live wall, & black cocktail tables, the terrace is an intimate gathering spot we hope you enjoy


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